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Thunderbird Rocks in Global Inbox Mode

You know, sometimes it just pays to read the wiki every once in a while!

Recently, I was getting increasingly frustrated with Thunderbird. I have about a dozen email accounts, accumulated through the years from various locations. The default behaviour of Thunderbird is to have a separate set of folders for each account; so a separate inbox, sent, junk folder, etc. Managing my email this way was becoming a chore, since my left folder pane was getting longer and longer, forcing me to either scroll or constantly hide and expand accounts in the folder tree to see other folders in other accounts. Very annoying.

Well, then I decided to go fussing around in the Account Settings dialog, looking for a solution to my problem. I finally discovered that if you click on the “Advanced” button while in the Server Settings of an Account, you can set the account to go into the “Global Inbox (Local Folders)” area. Doing so, Thunderbird warns you that you should copy your existing inbox to the local folders before setting this option. Sufficiently scared to lose email, I headed over to the MozillaZine knowledge base and gud around for the global inbox section. I finally found it, under FAQs (Thunderbird – Global Inbox). Well worth the read.

Now, I finally have a workable solution to my growing email problems. I continue to be impressed with the applications Mozilla is releasing. Very solid. Was impressed from day one with the spam filtering. Now that I have the global inbox working, I’m even more excited. Now, when is that calendar going to be fully integrated? 😉