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NYC PHP Conference and Expo 2006

The New York City PHP Conference and Expo 2006 today opened it’s call for papers. All you in the community out there, I will probably be attending this conference, so if you’re in the area, be sure to stay tuned. If you are a MySQL user with some cool ideas or projects (especially ones featuring MySQL 5’s newest features), please submit a presentation proposal highlighting your area of expertise. I’ll be doing the same.

Some nifty ideas I think might be great presentation material:

  • Exploring the mysqli API interface — How to migrate and use the newest MySQL 5 features
  • Encapsulating MySQL Data Access using Object Oriented programming practices (including PDO for PHP5)
  • Demonstrating PHP5/MySQL5 simple AJAX applications

Just some thoughts. Let me know your ideas, and please go check out this excellent conference.