Working for MySQL Now

Well, today I started working for MySQL as Community Relations Manager, North America. I’ve been a bit absent on the blog for the past few weeks as I have been in interviews with MySQL and travelled to Cupertino, California and met with a number of MySQL employees.

So, what exactly does the Community Relations team at MySQL do? I suppose the easiest way to describe our function is to think of us as liaisons between the larger open-source community, the smaller MySQL user community, and MySQL the company. We think up programs, promotions, articles, and tools to help the MySQL user community better understand and use the MySQL products. We identify open source projects using (and potentially using) MySQL and help those projects best utilize MySQL products. We present and find interesting people to present at the MySQL User’s Conference as well as other open source conferences. And, of course, we answer questions on the MySQL Forums.

In short, we help. We help the community understand the many strengths of MySQL.

So, I guess I’ll be seeing a whole lot more of everyone out there. And I’m looking forward to it!