DotOrg Pavilion at the MySQL Users Conference Shaping Up Nicely

OK, don’t beat me up for talking about the UC again, but this is some cool stuff!

The Community team has been hard at work inviting open source foundations, organizations, and projects to the DotOrg pavilion at this year’s MySQL Users Conference, and it looks like we’re going to have a number of really interesting and key projects setting up shop at the Pavilion.

Jay, what the heck is the DotOrg Pavilion?

Hmmm, glad you asked. If any of you have attended other open source conferences, you’ve probably heard the term .ORG pavilion, or something similar, before. It’s a place where non-commercial entities, projects, and key organizations and foundations involved in our beloved FOSS community get a chance to discuss the issues on top of their agendas and showcase key developments in their projects. As conference attendees, you should plan on spending time in the pavilion. Why?

Well, OK, what other time will you get folks from organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Eclipse Foundation, and the Apache Foundation in the same room at the same time, listening to things you have to say? Do you regularly get to hang out with the developers of Wikipedia, phpMyAdmin, and Sequioa ERP all in the same room? If you do, then, no, you probably wouldn’t enjoy the DotOrg pavilion experience.

Seriously, plan on getting to the pavilion. I’ll be spending a bunch of time in the pavilion, so you’ll be able to find me there when not doing my sessions or in BoFs. of course, you’ll probably have to jockey with me to get the attention of all the .org developers that I will be trying to chat with. You’ve been warned — I have a mean right elbow. 🙂