Boston MySQL Meetup Tonight

Join me tonight at the Boston MySQL Meetup if your in the area! I’ll be giving a presentation entitled “Index and Coding Techniques for Optimal Performance”, which is a slightly different version of the performance session I’ll be giving at the MySQlLUsers Conference in a couple weeks.

I’m really excited about meeting all the Boston MySQLers this evening, for a number of reasons. For one, it looks like there will be more than 50 people attending the meetup tonight, which makes the Boston meetup group one of the largest and most successful in the country. Many thanks should go to Sheeri Kritzer, the local organizer, and Mark Rubin, from MySQL, for their awesome efforts to grow the MySQL community locally in Boston. I’m interested to talk with everyone tonight to get input on how other MySQL meetup groups around the world can benefit from the Boston group’s experience in order to grow their own local groups.

I’m also interested in finding out what portion of users are using MySQL 5.0 and even 5.1, and getting input on the nascent MySQL Forge, which has seen a recent increase in projects and code snippets, of which I’m very pleased! We’ll be handing out a bunch of freebies, including copies of Pro MySQL and Apress goodies… So, see you all there!