Ever Wanted to Extend the MySQL GUI Tools?

Mike Zinner and team have put an absolutely wonderful set of tutorials on MySQL Forge targeted at understanding and extending the GUI Tools platform. The first article, MySQL Workbench Scripting, gives you a quick introduction on how to write scripts for the MySQL Workbench tool, complete with sample Lua code in zip files. The second article focuses on writing plugins for MySQL Workbench.

OK, so here is the challenge to the community. The first one of you to write a useful, documented plugin for MySQL Workbench and post it into the Forge will get a signed copy of Pro MySQL and some Apress schwag. Oh, and maybe, if the plugin gets a bunch of kudos from everyone in the community, Edwin and team can throw in some sort of Apple iPod gadget thingie. Maybe. 🙂

Great stuff, and thanks so much to Mike Zinner and the GUI team for the in-depth coverage that everyone is looking for. You guys rock!