Call for Comments on MySQL Online Backup API

As some of you may already know, there are plans afoot (actually well underway) to standardize the myriad tools currently used to manage MySQL backup and restores into a generalized online backup API. Those regular readers of SysAdmin magazine will have noticed the excellent dual-part article by Thomas Weeks in the May and June 2006 editions. In both articles, Weeks hints at the online backup API in the works at MySQL.

One of the frustrations that MySQL DBAs currently have is the lack of a consistent, recommended backup strategy that is storage-engine agnostic. Currently, you have a wealth of choices which work best depending on your use of MyISAM, InnoDB, as well as the size of your data set and the downtime interval you can afford.

Greg Lehey, a senior software engineer at MySQL, has been tasked with the design and implementation of a generic online backup API for MySQL. Frankly, we couldn’t have a more experienced mind devoted to the solution, but that doesn’t mean Greg doesn’t need assistance from the community. Quite the contrary.

Greg has added a section to the MySQL Forge Wiki on the proposed backup API. It is a wealth of information about the proposed design specifications and I encourage everyone in the community to look it over and do two things:

  1. Let both Greg and the community know what you think of the specifications. Please provide Greg with comments about the design proposal, as well as contribute comments to the Forge Wiki so that other members of the community can add their votes of approval or disapproval.
  2. Email Greg ( with your information if you are interested in being included in the hardcore testing group.

Bottom line

Community, this is your golden opportunity to have an impact on the design and implementation of the new backup API. This is your chance to influence the future of backup management with MySQL. Let us know what you think!