Help on the Windows Front

One of the things that MySQL is particularly good at it is supporting many different platforms, from Linux to Windows to Mac to really weird flavors of operating systems. In general, our documentation and, especially, our community ecosystem of authors and article contributions does tend to be heavily biased towards the *nix operating systems.

However, download statistics show that a significant (>40%) of MySQL Community Edition server downloads are for the Windows platform. My gut instinct is that a large percentage of these downloads are from developers who use Windows as their main development platform, regardless of whether their production platform runs on Windows.

Over the past six months or so, I have heard a number of complaints regarding the lack of quality articles and documentation that specifically focus on the Windows platform, from either an administrative or development angle. The MySQL forums for .NET and ODBC Connectors are infrequently visited compared to other more specialized forums. This, unfortunately, creates problems for developers working on Windows platforms because the generally top-notch support provided by you guys in the community isn’t as available.

So, A Call to Arms for Windows Experts and Users

As many of you know, Colin and our community team have been promoting MySQL Forge to the community, and many big things are in the works for the Forge in the coming weeks, including source code hosting and a voting system. But, we have a need right now for quality Windows-specific documentation and articles in the MySQL Forge Wiki. So, I have added a Windows-platform category to the Wiki. I ask all community members who have experience with Windows to add content regarding Windows development and administration of MySQL to the Forge and help a Windows brother or sister out! 🙂