Webinar on Session Management with MySQL and MySQL Cluster

OK, anyone who’s done any web development has eventually come across the choices one must make regarding how to handle sessions in your web applications. While there are a variety of methods of handling session interaction, file and cookie-based session management eventually reach a limit in the number of users that can be supported, as well as limitations involving web server farms, load balancing, and state management. To achieve scalability in session management, especially across a web server farm, a database is often used.

Jimmy Guerrero, senior product manager at MySQL, is giving a webinar tomorrow on scaling session management with MySQL Cluster. I, for one, am going to be attending, and I hope to see a number of community folks in the list of participants. It shoud be an interesting, technical excursion into high-availability, high-performance session management for large enterprise systems.

I’ll put it another way. If you are working on a Web 2.0 web property that hasn’t yet been “crunched“, you cannot afford to miss this webinar.