MySQL, Web 2.0

A wickedly cool MySQL Web 2.0 mashup project

OK, so today, I was following up on a headline about the free wireless network project called CUWiN. The project looks pretty awesome; check it out to see how a few people are creating a wireless network mesh from commodity (I mean, really commodity hardware – think 486!). I have no idea whether MySQL could be ovf use for the project — perhaps, not sure… I might follow up on that at a later date once I find out more information about the project.

However, in perusing the CUWiN website, I happened to come across a really cool web page that maps the CUWiN local area network. So, I tracked the mashup project that is used to display this page through the link on the bottom of the page to the WNMap mashup’s SourceForge homepage. Downloading the code, it turns out that WNMap is written in PHP and runs MySQL. Pretty cool!

Got examples of wickedly cool mashups? Let me know!