MySQL Forge RSS and Atom Feeds

Lenz, Colin and I have made some pretty big improvements to MySQL Forge as of late, including user interface updates and RSS/Atom feeds. If you navigate to MySQL Forge in Firefox, you will now notice the ability to add Live Bookmarks to the site. OK, so that’s cool.

However, if you are like me, and use a feed reader (like Liferea) to manage your ever-growing pile of syndication feeds, you can adjust the syndication feeds for the Forge quite easily. The main URL for the feeds is:

The Atom feed is:

From those two base URLs, you can filter the feed based on two query string (GET) arguments currently:

The type of item. Possible values are “snippet” for code snippets, “project” for projects, or “all” for both
A tag to search.

So, as an example, if you wanted an Atom feed that displayed only projects that were tagged with “php”, you would use the URL:

We should be feeding the MySQL Developer Zone with various Forge feeds sometime this week based on this syndication architecture. For instance, on the Developer Zone PHP landing page, we will use a Forge feed similar to the one above…

As always, comments and questions are more than welcomed. Although, probably best to email me directly at jay at mysql dot com since, as I mentioned in my previous entry, my blog is getting killed with comments spam and I probably wouldn’t notice a comment if you made one here! 🙂