Innotop Testing Post and MySQL Build Farm

How timely. Baron Schwartz, community member and creator of InnoTop, a monitoring utility for InnoDB profiling/diagnostics, posted today about some crashes reported for InnoTop:

A couple of people have written in reporting innotop crashes. Unfortunately I don’t have access to enough variations of operating systems and MySQL versions to test everything myself, but if you’re able to help by sending me a bug report when innotop crashes, I’m willing to work on fixing it!…

First of all, kudos to Baron for his excellent work so far. But I think his post highlights something that we should be thinking about when designing the MySQL build farm: should MySQL-related community projects also be given some sort of platform in order to take advantage of enlisted farm clients? More than likely, errors found by InnoTop users would have been found by the farm before release. Like Baron says, “[he doesn’t] have access to enough variations of operating systems … to test everything [himself].” This is precisely the problem a build farm serves to remedy.

So, this brings up Sebastian’s comments on making the farm software as generic as possible. The server software ideally should be able to take general source code targets and instruct clients in a generic build and test run. Thoughts?