MySQL Camp Steamrolling Along

Had a lovely conversation this afternoon with Leslie Hawthorn, the Googler who has been instrumental in helping with the ongoing sponsorship and logistics of the upcoming MySQL unconference. We went over the details of the Google location to be used as the venue for the event. It just so happens that I am already familiar with the exact area involved, as the team of six or so MySQLers that went to Google in April to give some sessions actually toured through the same location and ate at the same cafeteria that MySQL camp will be housed next to.

I will be adding all of this information to the camp wiki later tonight or tomorrow, but I wanted to blog about the event details here to cast a bit of a wider net. There are currently 13 participants signed up to attend the event, but that does not include a number of MySQLers that I believe will be coming down for the event. It also does not include the approximately 30 Googlers that Leslie estimates will be attending over the weekend. The venue seats around 110-120 people comfortably; more than that and it may be a little cramped if there are very popular sessions or tracks. So, since we’re still over 2 months away from the event and there are already about 50 people that I am pretty sure will be attending, you may want to put your name down in the list of participants if you are planning to attend. That way, if we exceed the 120 person mark, we can make proper arrangements.

The venue is obviously at Google headquarters, in Mountain View, California (map below). We will be located in Building 40, around the Charlie’s Place cafeteria. (directions here) There will be six rooms for breakout sessions, plus a larger room that can be used for big sessions and any all-conference stuff (map below) Google will be providing that food at the event, which is fantastic, because it leaves room for other sponsoring organizations to get creative in how sponsor dollars are used. I have already suggested sponsring travel and expenses for participants, but obviously there’s lots of other things that can be done…

Motre information on the event, including why you will want to pre-register for the event (security reasons) will be put on the camp wiki.