Interview with Rohit Nadhani from Webyog

Yesterday, Webyog announced that they have open sourced the very popular SQLyog database management tool. I’ve known about this good news for quite some time and have been itching to spread the good news. Whenever a company decides to make the leap from closed-source to open-source products, that is good news to me. It’s also something that shouldn’t be cast off as an easy decision for a company to make.

Rohit Nadhani, co-founder of Webyog, contacted me a few months ago and we talked about their plans to open-source a community edition of SQLyog. He’s a bright guy. Very bright. But he shares the same concerns that any business owner has when pondering an entrance into the open source market. It’s a frightening thing to “let go” of the business and development model you have used for years. I applaud him and Webyog for their efforts and their gumption over the last few months.

I did an interview with Rohit a while back and it’s now available on the MySQL Developer Zone. Check it out. One of the more interesting parts is where Rohit describes their development policies of sticking to the Win32 APIs, and never using STL and MFC…

When MySQL Forge begins offering full source code hosting, SQLyog Community Edition will be hosted on the Forge. Until that time, Webyog is hosting the code internally at their own website.