David Shrewsbury Leading Community Doxygen Project

After being “on hold” briefly for a variety of reasons, the Community Doxygen Project, which aims to “doxify” the MySQL server source code comments into standardized Javadoc commenting, is coming together.

David Shrewsbury will be leading the Doxygen Project for the community, with help from myself, Nicklas Westerlund, Frank Mash, Baron Schwartz, and Ronald Bradford. David has been working on a Perl script converter which attempts to convert the existing comment style to the Doxygen format. I think a good target is around an 80% conversion rate for the tool, with project members working on the remaining 20% of code which is missed, missing, or not standardized.

We will be focusing first on the source code in the /sql directory of the source tree. This directory contains many of the largest and most frequently used structs and classes for the main server. Once the initial conversion is run on the /sql directory for the 5.0 source tree, we’ll move on to 5.1 and 5.2