MySQL Camp Draws Nigh

Been a while since we’ve discussed the upcoming MySQL Camp unconference, set for 3 days of rousing good times at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, from November 10th through 12th. Figured I would post an update, and an appeal for participants to schedule your sessions in the new SessionSchedule.

Currently, there are 24 participants “registered” in the Participants wiki page, but that does not include the ~30-35 Google engineers who likely will attend, according to Leslie Hawthorn. In the next week or so, we will need to start the actual pre-registration process, to enable Leslie to have the security folks know who is coming to the event and have some sort of badge available for you. While the unconference is, of course, free, the registration is required for these security reasons.

I’ve been throwing around a number of ideas for session topics. How do the following sound? Got a favorite among them?

  • “10 Non-Profit Projects that the MySQL Community Can Profoundly Benefit”
  • “Moving to Greater Community Autonomy: A Strategy to Free MySQL Community Development”
  • “Modularizing MySQL: What Needs to Happen?”
  • “A MySQL Core Kernel? What Would It Look Like?”

Also, when I was out in Cupertino this past week, I ran into JD Duncan, who mentioned he will be previewing his work on mod_ndb, an Apache module interface into the NDB API, which I am really excited to hear more about. All in all, I’m ready for this event; it’s just the type of kickstart that the MySQL community development ecosystem needs, and the timing couldn’t be better, IMHO.

Look for a follow up post later this week on registration details for MySQL Camp. Cheers.