The Nerdliciousness of the 2007 MySQL Conference and Expo

Hola, MySQL Developers, DBAs and Users alike. I’ve been absent from the blogging scene for a number of weeks now (bad Jay, bad!). What have I been doing? Oh, just planning and organizing the biggest and baddest conference the world has EVER seen. Ah, you laugh. You mock. The 2007 MySQL Conference and Expo registration is now open. As program chair, I have a duty, no, an insatiable desire, to tell you all why this year’s conference is worth ten times more than the price of admission. So here goes.

The Nerdliest of All Geeks So Speaketh

You want technical sessions about scaling, developing, monitoring, administering, and tuning MySQL that will blow the socks off anything you’ll find at any other DB conference? Check this short list out:

Google,,, FotoLog,

Want to learn how the world’s largest websites scale to billions of queries per day on MySQL? Check this list of tech sessions out:

  • MySQL at” with Kevin Rose (CEO) and Eli White (Lead PHP developer) at
  • Managing MySQL the Slack Way: How Google Deploys MySQL Servers” with Mikal Still and Grant Allen from Google
  • MySQL: The Real Grid Database” with Mark Callaghan from Google
  • Federation at Flickr: Doing Billions of Queries Per Day” with Dathan Pattishall from
  • What Happens After You’re Scalable: Capacity Planning for MySQL” with John Allspaw, Operations Manager at
  • Scaling the World’s Largest Photo Blogging Community” with Farhan Mashraqi from, the #32 most hit website in the world
  • openBC / Growing Pains” with Michael Otto and Erick Dennis from ePublica GmbH, creators of the huge European social networking site,
The Illustrious Stewart Smith

Stewart Smith has the honour of being one of last year’s highest rated speakers. This year, I totally took advantage of this fact, and Stewart is doing a LOT of tutorials and sessions. Among them: “MySQL Cluster: The Complete Tutorial” is a 6-hour soup to nuts tutorial designed to bring developers interested in MySQL Cluster from absolute newbie to informed professional in just one day. Besides the monster tutorial, Stewart’s also doing these regular sessions:

  • Exploring New Features in MySQL 5.1 Cluster
  • Bleeding Edge MySQL Cluster: Upcoming Cool Things
  • The Design and Internals of MySQL Cluster” (Uh, *very* technical…)
  • Intro to MySQL Cluster
The Magnificent Peter Zaitsev

The profilic writer from, Peter Zaitsev, will be giving some of the coolest sessions at the conference, including a tag team effort with Heikki Tuuri, creator of InnoDB, on “InnoDB Performance Optimizations“. He’ll be giving two other sessions, of course on performance tuning MySQL. The first, for all of you tweakers out there, is called “MySQL Server Settings Tuning“, and a second, called “MySQL Performance Cookbook“. Both will be standing room only, so get to the session early otherwise you’ll be sitting on a wall fighting off another geek for a wall outlet to light up your Powerbook.

The Brainliest Brian “Krow” Aker

Brian Aker is an all-around cool-ass guy. But put him in front of a geek audience and he morphs into something one can only describe as a geek god. Anyone who’s seen Brian’s sessions knows that they also are standing-room only and super-technical. Heck, he’s the Director of Architecture at MySQL. He’ll be doing two tutorials on Monday: “MySQL 5.1 In-Depth“, where he’ll go into detail about all the cool new features in MySQL 5.1 as well as “Writing Your Own Storage Engine“. I think it goes without saying that the latter tutorial will be the most technical of the tutorials. Lots of hard-core C coding for the ├â┬╝bergeeks out there.

Brian’s also doing sessions on “Replication and Clustering for Web Technologies” and a primer to the storage engine layer: “Understanding the Pluggable Engine API“.

A Veritable Potpourri of Geek Goodness

Want more reasons to come to the conference? Here’s just a smattering of sessions and speakers:

  • Taking Advantage of MySQL at NASA” with Will Fitch from NASA
  • Mission Critical Flight Planning Applications at the US Navy” with Tim Woolverton from the US Navy
  • Logging Terabytes of Hits with MySQL” with Earl Cahill from United Online
  • Exploting MySQL 5.1 for Advanced Business Intelligence Applications” with Matt Casters from Pentaho
  • PHP Performance and Scalability Best Practices” with George Schlossnagle from OmniTI
  • Using MySQL as Active RDBMS for Surveillance Applications” with Jacob Nikom, from MIT’s Lincoln Labs

And oh so much more… Check out everything and sign up for the early-bird registration discount at the MySQL Conference website.