MySQL Camp II News

MySQL Camp Website Transitioning Right Now

In case anyone noticed, the website is currently down, as the DNS resolution occurs. Hopefully, the resolution will be completed in a few hours, when you will see a brand new Drupal-fied MySQL Camp website. Again, the purpose for moving the website was to have full control over the software (it was previously a pbwiki website) and to address the spam problems we were having. Thanks for your patience.

By tomorrow morning, I plan to start posting session proposals as well as getting Sheeri‘s help to get hotel, ride and room share information, and stuff about the All-Night Hackathon, up on the site…

First 150 MySQL Camp II Registrants Receive a T-Shirt

Farhan and one other as-yet-unnamed sponsor have graciously decided to donate 150 t-shirts to the first 150 registrants for camp. I haven’t updated the old wiki page, but we’re over 60 registrants now. Anyone who has emailed me already will of course get a t-shirt. For those who haven’t, time is running out. And, after talking to Frank today, it sounds like the t-shirts are pretty cool! So, register today by emailing me you information (jay at mysql dot com). Remember, there’s a hard limit of 200 attendees…