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Holy Google Summer of Code, Batman

So, last year, Drizzle participated in the Google Summer of Code under the MySQL project organization. We had four excellent student submissions and myself, Monty Taylor, Eric Day and Stewart Smith all mentored students for the summer. It was my second year mentoring, and I really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to this year’s summer of code.

This year, Padraig O’Sullivan, a GSoC student last year, is now working at Akiban Technologies, partly on Drizzle, and is the GSoC Adminsitrator and also a mentor for Drizzle this year, and Drizzle is its own sponsored project organization this year. Thank you, Padraig!

I have been absolutely floored by the flood of potential students who have shown up on the mailing list and the #drizzle IRC channel. I have been even more impressed with those students’ ambition, sense of community, and willingness to ask questions and help other students as they show up. A couple students have even gotten code contributed to the source trees even before submitting their official applications to GSoC. See, I told you they were ambitious! 🙂

This year, Drizzle has a listing of 16 potential projects for students to work on. The projects are for students interested in developing in C++, Python, or Perl.

If you are interested in participating, please do check out Drizzle! For those new to Launchpad, Bazaar, and C++ development with Drizzle, feel free to check out these blog articles which cover those topics:

And, in other news, Go Buckeyes!