Slides from Developing Drizzle Replication Plugins Tutorial

Hi all!

So, Padraig, Toru, and myself teamed up yesterday at the MySQL Conference for about thirty or so attendees to discuss developing Drizzle plugins in C++. It was a set of slides that covered basic stuff all the way up through pretty advanced topics. We hope attendees got something out of it 🙂

Below are the slides from Padraig’s and my part of the tutorial which focused on plugin development basics and the replication plugin API in Drizzle. I’ve also tacked them onto my page of presentations.

Enjoy, and feel free to email me with comments and suggestions to SELECT REVERSE('moc.liamg@sepipyaj');

Developing Drizzle Replication Plugins

Open Office Impress slides
PDF slides

Topics included in the slides:

  • About the Drizzle Community and Expectations of Contributors
  • Getting started on Launchpad
  • Various features of Launchpad
  • Understanding the Source Code Directory Structure
  • Code walkthrough of Drizzle plugin basics
  • Drizzle’s System Architecture
  • Overview of Drizzle’s Replication System
  • Understanding Google Protobuffers
  • The Transaction message in Detail
  • In-depth code walkthrough of the Filtered Replicator module
  • In-depth code walkthrough of the Transaction Log module
  • Future of Drizzle replication – Publisher and Subscriber plugins