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Presentation: OpenStack QA – Walkthrough of Processes, Tools and Code

Last night I gave a short webinar to some folks about the basics of contributing to the Tempest project, which is the OpenStack integration test suite. It was the first time I’d used Google Docs to create and give a presentation and I must say I was really impressed with the ease-of-use of Google Docs Presentation. Well done, Google.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded a PDF of the presentation to this website and provided a link to the Google Docs presentation along with a brief overview of the topics covered in the slides below. As always, I love to get feedback on slides. Feel free to leave a comment here, email me or find me on IRC. Enjoy!

Google Presentation (HTML)
PDF slides

Topics included in the slides:

  • OpenStack Contribution Process
  • Running Devstack Locally
  • Running Tempest against an Environment
  • Walkthrough the Tempest Source Code
  • Progressively improving a test case
  • Common Scenarios in Code Review and Submission