Upgrade to Xubuntu 12.04 – All Keyboard Shortcuts Don’t Work

Seriously, Ubuntu, upgrading between versions has become just painful… I waited a few weeks before I upgraded from Xubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 because the upgrade last time completely hosed my system and left me with a borked X configuration. This time, I upgraded and now all my keyboard shortcuts don’t work. None of them. I mean, they appear in my Keyboard Settings –> Application Shortcuts, but none of them work anymore. Seriously, WTF.


Turns out that the issue is that (for some stupid reason), XFCE changed the name of the <Ctrl> key to “Primary”, so you need to go to Accessories –> Settings Manager –> Keyboard –> Application Shortcuts and then remove all your custom shortcuts that show <Control> in them and re-add them. You’ll notice that when you press the Ctrl key, it will now show up as <Primary>. Completely retarded.

  • BradChesney79

    That’s what you get for using one of the world’s best OSes and being efficient. It is just the universe trying to balance things back. Be glad you got this instead of an asteroid through your mailbox.

    • Jay Pipes

      LOL :)

  • Yun Shen

    Tempest^2 will help Ubuntu.