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New Launchpad project for tracking bugs on Chef cookbooks

Yesterday, I created a Launchpad project to be used for tracking bugs and feature requests for the new OpenStack Chef cookbooks house on Stackforge. Please do file bugs as you encounter issue with any of the cookbooks or the example OpenStack Chef Repository.

You can check out the current list of open bugs and, if you’re in a contributory mood, give a shot at fixing one of them. 🙂

Keep in mind that when you push code to Gerrit for a review, you can let Gerrit know that your patch fixes a bug by putting in a simple tag in the commit message:

fixes: lp XXXXXX

where XXXXXX is simply the bug number on Launchpad.

When Gerrit sees the above tag pattern, it will automatically mark the bug as In Progress and assign the job to whomever submitted the patch to Gerrit.

When your patch lands on the targeted branch, Gerrit will automatically mark the bug as Fix Released.