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All | 2014-09-30

So, What is the Core of OpenStack?

In a conversation on Twitter, Lydia Leong stated something that I’ve heard from a number of industry folks and OpenStack insiders alike: The core needs to be small, rock-solid stable, […]

All | 2013-06-10

Pushing revisions to a Gerrit code review

Martin Stoyanov recently asked an excellent question about the proper way to push revisions to a changeset in Gerrit. This is a very common question that folks new to Gerrit […]

All | 2012-03-30

OpenStack L.A. Meetup – The TryStack Slides

Had a blast with the gang from Dreamhost last night at the inaugural OpenStack Meetup in Los Angeles. Thanks to all who attended and asked some great questions 🙂 Here […]

All | 2010-03-14

Is Anyone Else Looking Forward To…

…the new Clash of the Titans movie, coming out soon? I loved the original back in 1981. Can’t wait to see this one. 🙂 I would have linked to the […]

All | 2010-03-14

O’Gara Cloud Computing Article Off Base

Maureen O’Gara, self-described as “the most read technology reporter for the past 20 years”, has written an article about Drizzle at Rackspace for one of Sys-con’s online zines called Cloud […]

All | 2010-03-11 is now

As you may have noticed, my blog has changed.  No more old and busted serendipity 0.9.  Hello WordPress 2.9.  Yeah \0/ It was a manual data transformation I had to […]

All | 2010-03-08

An SQL Puzzle?

Dear Lazy Web, What should the result of the SELECT be below? Assume InnoDB for all storage engines. CREATE TABLE t1 (a INT, b INT); INSERT INTO t1 VALUES (1,1),(1,2); […]