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All | 2018-08-10

Project Mulligan’s Architecture

This is the second and final part of series describing Project Mulligan, the OpenStack Redo. If you missed the first part go read it. It is about changes I’d make […]

All | 2018-08-10

Project Mulligan – OpenStack Redo

Jess Frazelle’s tweet recently got me thinking. 1 What if I could go back and undo basically the last eight years and remake OpenStack (whatever “OpenStack” has come to entail)? […]

Articles | 2014-01-23

Understanding the OpenStack CI System

This post describes in detail the upstream OpenStack continuous integration platform. In the process, I’ll be describing the code flow in the upstream system — from the time the contributor […]

Articles | 2008-10-02

Character Sets, Collations and the Jörmungandr

One of the (many) ongoing discussions in the Drizzle developer community is the level of support the database server kernel should provide for non-Unicode character set encodings. Actually, when I […]

Articles | 2008-09-10

Enabling and Fixing Drizzle Test Cases

When Brian began the work on refactoring the MySQL 6.0 Server source code into what has now become the Drizzle Project, a number of code pieces were removed, including some […]