Category: Drizzle

Drizzle | 2009-11-18

Macro Support in new Drizzle Client Console?

Hi all! I’ve been reading through the requested features for the new client on the wiki here: Proposed Client Features BOOTS Console API Design I think all the stuff on […]

C/C++ | 2009-11-04

The Great Escape

This week, I am working on putting together test cases which validate the Drizzle transaction log‘s handling of BLOB columns. I ran into an interesting set of problems and am […]

Drizzle | 2009-10-29

A Month of Milestones

I’m finding myself smiling today. I lay in bed last night thinking about a number of milestones that this month marks for me. October 15th marked four months since the […]

C/C++ | 2009-10-27

Drizzle Replication – The Transaction Log

In this installment of my Drizzle Replication blog series, I’ll be talking about the Transaction Log. Before reading this entry, you may want to first read up on the Transaction […]

C/C++ | 2009-10-23

Yet Another Post on REPLACE

Sometimes, as Sergei rightly mentioned, I can be, well, “righteously indignant” about what I perceive to be a hack. In this case, after Sergei repeatedly tried to set me straight […]

C/C++ | 2009-10-22

The Deal with REPLACE .. Or Is It UPDATE?

Yesterday, I posed a question to the ZanyWeb about what exactly a REPLACE statement does behind the scenes in the storage engine. There were many excellent comments and these comments […]

Drizzle | 2009-10-21

Pop Quiz – What Does REPLACE Do?

Hi ZanyWeb. Here’s a pop quiz for you, and the answer may surprise you. The MySQL manual states the following about the REPLACE statement: REPLACE works exactly like INSERT, except […]