Category: Drizzle

C/C++ | 2009-08-12

Drizzle Replication – The Command Message

IMPORTANT: This article is out of date and the replication API has been updated. Please see the follow-up article for the most up to date information! I wanted to start […]

Drizzle | 2009-04-21

Sorry, but Drizzle is Not…

the “MySQL Drizzle Project”. Nor is it “shepparded by MySQL”. Sorry, Karen, but in the future, MySQL may play more of a role in Drizzle, but currently, it doesn’t. And […]

C/C++ | 2009-04-02

Towards a New Modular Replication Architecture

Over the past week, I’ve been refactoring the way that the Drizzle kernel communicates with plugin modules that wish to implement functionality related to replication. There are many, many potholes […]

C/C++ | 2009-03-04

LCOV Code Coverage Pages for Drizzle

Yesterday, Monty and I were fussing around with lcov and genhtml trying to generate code coverage analysis for Drizzle. After a few hours, I was finally able to get some […]