Category: MySQL

C/C++ | 2009-10-23

Yet Another Post on REPLACE

Sometimes, as Sergei rightly mentioned, I can be, well, “righteously indignant” about what I perceive to be a hack. In this case, after Sergei repeatedly tried to set me straight […]

C/C++ | 2009-10-22

The Deal with REPLACE .. Or Is It UPDATE?

Yesterday, I posed a question to the ZanyWeb about what exactly a REPLACE statement does behind the scenes in the storage engine. There were many excellent comments and these comments […]

Drizzle | 2009-10-21

Pop Quiz – What Does REPLACE Do?

Hi ZanyWeb. Here’s a pop quiz for you, and the answer may surprise you. The MySQL manual states the following about the REPLACE statement: REPLACE works exactly like INSERT, except […]

C/C++ | 2009-08-12

Drizzle Replication – The Command Message

IMPORTANT: This article is out of date and the replication API has been updated. Please see the follow-up article for the most up to date information! I wanted to start […]

Drizzle | 2009-04-21

Sorry, but Drizzle is Not…

the “MySQL Drizzle Project”. Nor is it “shepparded by MySQL”. Sorry, Karen, but in the future, MySQL may play more of a role in Drizzle, but currently, it doesn’t. And […]