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Drizzle | 2008-12-18

I Didn’t Say “Screw Windows”

A number of commenters on my previous entry thought I was basically saying “Screw Windows”. Lukas Smith and Bill Karwin, both of whom I respect enormously, noted that Windows is […]

Drizzle | 2008-12-15

My advice to MySQL

Here is my advice to MySQL. Take it or leave it. Time will tell whether I’m full of shit. MySQL 5.1 is out the door. Awesome. Great job to all […]

Drizzle | 2008-11-22

The Drizzle Snowman – WIN!

Stewart, Brian and myself are having a little fun this morning. One of the niceties of having real UTF8 support in Drizzle is now we can really fun table names. […]

Drizzle | 2008-11-21

Drizzle Cirrus Milestone – Moving Forward

Brian, Monty, Stewart, Lee and myself sat down yesterday and fleshed out the blueprint tasks that we are targeting for the Cirrus milestone. This marks the first time we’ve made […]

MySQL | 2008-11-06

On Bullsh*t Blog Posts

When you write a blog post and tag it with something you know will allow it to be aggregated into PlanetMySQL (or any other technical aggregation service), ask yourself one […]

Articles | 2008-10-02

Character Sets, Collations and the Jörmungandr

One of the (many) ongoing discussions in the Drizzle developer community is the level of support the database server kernel should provide for non-Unicode character set encodings. Actually, when I […]

Drizzle | 2008-10-02

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

Well, as Giuseppe announced, I am leaving the MySQL Community Team after almost three years. I’ll still be working at Sun, but as a staff engineer on the Drizzle project […]