Category: Open Source

Drizzle | 2010-01-06

Describing Drizzle’s Development Process

Yesterday, I was working on a survey that Selena Deckelmann put together for open source databases. She will be presenting the results at this month. One of the questions […]

Open Source | 2009-10-28

If Ever There Was a Sure-fire Tenant…

My wife and I have a double that we rent out to two couples. Luckily, one of these couples has been in one side of the double for a couple […]

MySQL | 2008-02-21

It’s About the Product, Silly

Today there was a recent flurry of blog posts, starting with Charles Babcock’s interview of Jonathan Schwartz about Sun’s strategy of targeting Web 2.0 developers. This brought to light an […]

MySQL | 2007-08-03

YouTube Scaling Video – Cuong Do

Alex forwarded me a link to an awesome scaling presentation by Cuong Do from YouTube about their architecture for scaling. He describes problems with massive scale-out, moving static content serving […]

MySQL | 2007-07-19

Interview with me on

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to speak with Scott Swigart about MySQL, open source, development and community challenges, and other stuff. He sent me a link to […]