Category: Open Source

MySQL | 2006-08-14

Interesting GPL Development Shaping Up

Read a NewsForge article today about how the two lead developers of the GPU Gnutella client have amended the GPL to include a provision that bans the software’s use by […]

MySQL | 2006-03-23

Greg Stein Talk at EclipseCon

Greg Stein, chair of the Apache Software Foundation, and an employee at Google, working on open source projects, gave a very informative and compelling talk this morning comparing the various […]

MySQL | 2006-03-22

PHP IDE Eclipse Project

Andi Gutmans, co-founder of Zend Technologies, and others are now presenting the PHP IDE Eclipse plugin, which, announced last October, is one of the best potential tools on the horizon […]

MySQL | 2006-03-22

EclipseCon Rocks. Seriously.

OK, just about to go into a long session comparing the Eclipse project with the Apache project; how it’s management and code submission guidelines differ, and other things. I just […]