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openstack | 2011-02-10

What the Heck is Hyperscale?

<rant> Please, can we not use the term “hyperscale”. It doesn’t have any meaning at all. If you say “a cloud that has 10,000 physical hosts” or “a cloud that […]

Thought Tree | 2009-11-10

Somebody in Marketing Needs to be Fired

Sitting here chatting with Padraig and listening to the television. A commercial comes on for Aciphex. Yep, the name is pronounced “Ass Effects”. Unbelievable. Somebody’s marketing department should be, well, […]

MySQL | 2008-03-08

For Those Who Say I Never Take Photos…

I often get accused, especially by my European friends, of not being a true geek for two reasons: I don’t carry an expensive camera with me at all times — […]

MySQL | 2006-09-18

Moving to the Good Side of the Force

OK, so I returned from vacation late last night, after putting almost 1700 miles on my car this past four days. A friend of mine had his Master’s thesis show […]

MySQL | 2006-08-14

Interesting GPL Development Shaping Up

Read a NewsForge article today about how the two lead developers of the GPU Gnutella client have amended the GPL to include a provision that bans the software’s use by […]

MySQL | 2006-07-18

Blog Trouble

First, the reason I haven’t been blogging as much I haven’t been blogging nearly as much recently because my blog software has become almost unusable. I have been getting on […]

MySQL | 2006-02-10

Congratulations, Mike Kruckenberg!

I hope everyone will join me in welcoming the newest member of the Kruckenberg family, Saul Adams Kruckenberg, who arrived in this world this past Wednesday. Another cute kid for […]

MySQL | 2005-12-15

About Being Nice

In case you haven’t heard, Linus Torvalds had a bit of a rant at the GNOME developers regarding quality user interfaces. In the course of the exchange, certain nasty words […]

Thought Tree | 2005-12-07

Busy, Busy, Busy Working on the House

Work has progressed quickly this week as the crew and I have worked to begin winterizing the house on Sycamore Street. The roof has been completed, with work still being […]

Thought Tree | 2005-11-29

House Moving Along — Full Speed Ahead

So, today the “crew” and I completed the tear off and outer plywood decking on the east side of the house. Very good to see things finally coming together! Haven’t […]