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MySQL | 2005-11-29

Here’s My System

OK, so I was up in Cleveland visiting friends for the holiday and got into a discussion with a writer friend of mine who is unabashedly disinterested in the blogging […]

Thought Tree | 2005-11-17

Holy Crap, I’m Back

So long to be gone. Many reasons for it: I got married (Woohooo!) Yeah, I got hitched to my beautiful wife, Julie and went on my honeymoon, which was a […]

Thought Tree | 2005-06-17

Thunderbird Rocks in Global Inbox Mode

You know, sometimes it just pays to read the wiki every once in a while! Recently, I was getting increasingly frustrated with Thunderbird. I have about a dozen email accounts, […]

Thought Tree | 2005-05-09

RFID Traffic Light System

No, we’re not yet directing traffic using RFID technology (wouldn’t that be scary.) But, Walmart, who plans on implementing RFID technology on an enterprise level this year, had some innovative […]

Thought Tree | 2005-05-03

Follow Up on Gates Thing

After I wrote an entry on Sunday about the comments Bill Gates made in February about American high-school students, I got an InformationWeek newsletter, with the headline “Microsoft Is Hiring, […]

Thought Tree | 2005-05-01

Gates Speech on American Education

I’ve long been a fan of Thomas Friedman‘s work. He’s a columnist for the NY Times, and recently published a book called The World Is Flat, in which he argues, […]

Thought Tree | 2005-04-26

Sign From the Gods?

You know, some things happen so rarely that when they do occur, you feel kind of special if you’re privileged enough to be a spectator while they do. The weather […]

Thought Tree | 2005-04-26

Experience Writing a Technical Book

I thought I’d put down in words a number of thoughts which have hit me since Mike and I endeavoured to finish our MySQL book. Perhaps other authors might comment […]

Thought Tree | 2005-04-26

Long Overdue Entry

It’s been over a month since I got around to writing an entry — way too long! I’ve made a pact with myself not to do such a horrible thing […]

Thought Tree | 2005-03-15

Ebbers Guilty — Surpised?

Though it probably doesn’t come as any surprise, Bernard Ebbers was found guilty today of securities fraud (amongst other things). This case, highly publicized in recent months highlights most of […]