MySQL | 2006-01-26

Columbus MySQL and PHP User Group Meetups

Just a friendly reminder. The Columbus area MySQL User Group Meetup is scheduled for Thursday, February 2nd. I will be there and would love to see as many local MySQlers […]

MySQL | 2006-01-23

EclipseCon 2006 – March 20th through 23rd

Another excellent conference of note: the EclipseCon 2006, from March 20th through 23rd, will be held in Santa Clara. Those of you Java-ites out there using MySQL, be sure to […]

MySQL | 2006-01-23

NYC PHP Conference and Expo 2006

The New York City PHP Conference and Expo 2006 today opened it’s call for papers. All you in the community out there, I will probably be attending this conference, so […]

MySQL | 2006-01-10

Anyone in Miami In the Next Few Days?

First off, thanks to all of you who wished me good luck yesterday! That was really nice to feel welcomed … and it really means a lot to me. Thanks! […]

MySQL | 2006-01-09

Working for MySQL Now

Well, today I started working for MySQL as Community Relations Manager, North America. I’ve been a bit absent on the blog for the past few weeks as I have been […]

MySQL | 2005-12-15

About Being Nice

In case you haven’t heard, Linus Torvalds had a bit of a rant at the GNOME developers regarding quality user interfaces. In the course of the exchange, certain nasty words […]

MySQL | 2005-12-13

Interesting MySQL Commits In the Past 2 Weeks

While this may be old hat to those of you out there who, like me, regularly scour through the source code commits on the internals (and newly forked commits) lists, […]

Thought Tree | 2005-12-07

Busy, Busy, Busy Working on the House

Work has progressed quickly this week as the crew and I have worked to begin winterizing the house on Sycamore Street. The roof has been completed, with work still being […]