openstack | 2012-01-20

Diagnose and fix PEP8 issues during code review

I figured I’d write a quick post about how to deal with “pep8 issues” that come up during code reviews on OpenStack core projects. These issues come up often for […]

Git | 2012-01-19

The Science (or Art?) of Commit Messages

There are some things in the world of development that you appreciate much more when you do a lot of code reviews. One of those things is commit messages. At […]

openstack | 2011-11-28

OpenStack Dev Tip — Easily Pull a Review Branch

Just a quick tip for developers working on OpenStack projects that work on multiple development machines or want to pull a colleague’s code from the Gerrit review system and test […]

Open Source | 2011-10-02

Essex Design Summit — QA Sessions to Note

There are quite a few folks interested in QA coming to the OpenStack Essex Design Summit next week. I wanted to give you all a heads-up on the sessions that […]

openstack | 2011-02-10

What the Heck is Hyperscale?

<rant> Please, can we not use the term “hyperscale”. It doesn’t have any meaning at all. If you say “a cloud that has 10,000 physical hosts” or “a cloud that […]

Bazaar | 2010-07-22

Developing Nova on Linux – Getting Started

In the past few weeks, I’ve gotten involved in the newly-debuted OpenStack project. Right now, my focus is on the Compute sub-project of the stack, called Nova. The initial pieces […]

MySQL | 2010-05-13

MySQL Stored Procedures Ain’t All That

I give quite a lot of presentations. A whole lot less than I used to, but still quite a few per year. Most of the time, the presentations are on […]

Drizzle | 2010-05-13

Now Recording Drizzle Contributor Tutorial

Hi all! I was swamped with registrations for the online contributor tutorial for Drizzle, and so I’ve bumped up my account to a DimDim Pro account. This means two things: […]