Thought Tree | 2005-02-27

A Letter from my Health Insurance plan

As a business owner, I pay my own health insurance, and had a few thoughts on a recent letter I received from my provider, which happens to be Medical Mutual […]

DB Rambles | 2005-02-24

Doxygen Docs coming along for MySQL 5.0.2

I’ve been working on outputting the code documentation for MySQL 5.0.2 using doxygen, and have some advice to anyone attempting this feat. Don’t configure doxygen to generate call graphs!. At […]

Thought Tree | 2005-02-23

New blog design completed

Just finished the new site design for If you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know! Oh, and if you experience a weird “slowdown” while moving your mouse […]

DB Rambles | 2005-02-23

Pro MySQL book coming soon

First announcement on this site about my upcoming book, entitled Pro MySQL, published through Apress. Really excited so far. I’m co-authoring the book with Michael Kruckenberg, out at Tufts University. […]

Thought Tree | 2005-02-14

Love Is In the Air — With a Derivative

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, and consumerist America is gobbling up roses and cookie baskets for their loved ones. Good to know that the world of mathematics hasn’t succumbed to the […]

Open Source | 2005-02-13

Installing Fedora Core 3 on HPze5375us Laptop

I decided to scrap an install of SUSE Linux 9.1 that had been running on my HP ze5375us laptop. It’s not that SUSE didn’t install correctly; in fact it did, […]

SEO Annoyances | 2005-02-08

The Stupid SEO Game

I got my usual WebProWorld newsletter and saw a post that sparked my interest. Not because it was anything unusual, but just the opposite: it was a perfect example of […]