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Clobbered With Comment and Trackback Spam

Getting real sick of comment and trackback spam; these people are just insidious. I won’t be surprised to see a headline one of these days in the newspaper about some blogger who tracked down a comment spammer and blew up their headquarters.

There’s got to be a better way to combat these folks. I mean, with all the intelligence in the software security industry, and millions of creative coders out there, why can’t we figure out a way to stop these losers?

I think there’s got to be a more united front against them. Perhaps if anyone knows of a big project that is designed to stop this stuff that’s similar to the blackhole lists for email spammers, let me know? I mean, is there some kind of Bayesian filtering possible for trackback and comment text similar to spamassassin and the like? Again, let me know.

Of course, your comments will go to moderation, and after I’ve cleaned out all the crap from online poker, I’ll be sure to approve yours…

I’ll be upgrading from WP1.21 to 1.5 as soon as I go through all the wiki documentation about the upgrade improvements in spam control.