Bringing Home a Golden Penguin

So I’m in Boston at LinuxWorld this week (though not today) and have met a number of interesting people so far. Of particular note, I had a great conversation with Clint Oram, co-founder of SugarCRM, regarding community relations, forges, and open source in general. He’s one smart cookie, which is one of the reasons he’s doing a session at this year’s Users Conference about optimizing SugarCRM to work best with MySQL

One of the things we discussed was the success of SugarForge and ways in which the (very alpha) MySQL Forge and SugarForge might be able to share content. For instance, the MySQL Forge wiki could have a number of articles tailored to SugarCRM setup and usage, while SugarForge might have the same at some future point. I believe SugarForge is based on the GForge software (which runs on PostgreSQL) and currently doesn’t have a Wiki integrated into the forge software. Perhaps in the future we can help SugarForge integrate a MediaWiki installation into their forge…

Speaking of MySQL Forge, thank you to all those you have written in suggestions to me or; your comments have been duly noted and I’m working on changes that will implement at least some of your suggestions before the Users Conference on the 24th. By that point, MySQL Forge will have an online voting system and commenting system for both the project directory and snippet repository, so you’ll be able to make comments and rate the projects composing the forge. Lenz suggested an AJAX interface to simplify the tagging functionality, something similar to, and hopefully I’ll be able to integrate that in time. 🙂 So, check out the forge regularly and send suggestions, post code snippets and register projects!

Oh yeah, did I mention…

MySQL beat Oracle in the Golden Penguin Bowl yesterday. Though I certainly wasn’t the most valuable of teammates, Brian Aker and Ted Ts’o certainly pulled us through! Anyway, provided that the not-so-lightweight orangy glass penguin survives the week at the Kruckenberg’s house and that he makes it through the airport security, I shall pot some pictures of the trophy Tux somewhere in Julie and I’s new house… 🙂