HUGE MySQL Users Conference BoF Lineup

In the next few days, we’ll be finalizing the schedule for the MySQL Birds of a Feather sessions at the upcoming MySQL Users Conference. I’ve been working hard with Edwin DeSouza (MySQL’s Senior Director of Product Marketing) to get a full and robust set of BoF sessions to meet the varied interests of our enormous community.

Although the website doesn’t yet have all the details (because we’re still finalizing the schedule), you can expect to enjoy the following awesome array of Birds of a Feather sessions:

  • Programming Languages
    • Perl BoF
    • PHP BoF
    • Ruby BoF
    • .NET/Mono BoF
    • C/C++ BoF
    • Java BoF
  • MySQL Functionality and Topics
    • Cluster
    • Replication
    • Backups
    • Partitioning
    • GUI Tools
    • Scripted Failovers
  • Community Projects and Ecosystem
    • OpenOLAP
    • MediaWiki
    • BI and Reporting
    • Eclipse BIRT Project
    • Eclipse PHP IDE Project
    • MySQL Forge
    • MySQL Network
    • GPLv3 Jam Session
  • Lots of sessions for lots of interests. The BoFs will be the best place for like-minded developers to network and share stories. I’ll post again on Friday the finalized list of BoFs, including the MySQL and Community folks who will be hosting the sessions. Other, adhoc BoFs may also start up at the conference…