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Blog Trouble

First, the reason I haven’t been blogging as much

I haven’t been blogging nearly as much recently because my blog software has become almost unusable. I have been getting on average 500 spam comments and trackbacks per day, which makes actually posting comments to my blog pretty much useless, since they get lost immediately (damn those spammers!)

I plan on switching over to a new version of WordPress in the coming week or two (hopefully before OSCON, but no promises). If anyone has read this blog for a while (over a year), you’d know I have gone through a number of blog software solutions, including WordPress, Seredipity, and my own home-grown solution (a miserable failure in terms of functionality). I am going to try the new version of WordPress and see if it helps. I mean, the purpose of blog software should be to enable the writer to write, as easily as possible, with few distractions (like spam). Hopefully the new version of WordPress gets that right.