Google Group Established for Community Doxygen Project

In the community spirit of doing, not talking, we’ve established a new Google Group for the Community Doxygen Project. Currently, there are seven team members in the project:

  • myself
  • David Shrewsbury
  • Frank Mash
  • Ronald Bradford (arabxptyltd)
  • Baron Schwartz (xaprb)
  • Nicklas Westerlund
  • Kristofer Pettersson

If you are interested in contributing to this project, which is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the MySQL source code and get your feet wet, feel free to navigate to the Google Group link above and click on the “Join this group” link. You’ll receive an email from the group once your name is added. The mailing list will be used to communicate all goals and coordinate activities within team members.

To date, the MySQL development team has identified some core areas that we should tackle first. Code in the following source directories will be looked at first:

  • mysys
  • strings
  • include
  • client

These directories contain some of the lowest-level source code for the server and client. Doxyfying this code will benefit any developer wishing to understand the “my_” routines which are used for cross-platform portability and standardized use of libraries.