MySQL Meetup in San Francisco Should Be Rockin (Sept 11th)

OK, all you Silicon Valley-ites. The San Francisco MySQL Meetup is on Monday, the 11th at 6pm (local time of course). So, why am I blogging about an event I won’t be able to attend (I live oh, about 1500 miles away…)? Well, a couple reasons:

  • The organizer of this MySQL meetup recently changed, and as such, there’s been some fresh ideas and new connections/members join in recent months
  • The SFO MySQL Meetup is one of the highest rated meetups in the country
  • This month, JasperSoft is hosting the meetup at their headquarters (see below for address). The guest speaker is the founder of Jaspersoft, Teodor Danciu, who is sure to be a hit. Before joining JasperSoft, Teodor worked for almost 8 years as a software engineer and team leader on ERP, B2B, B2C, and other medium to large database related applications using mainly Java and the J2EE platform. So, if you want an expert, there you go
  • Dude, free food. Nuff said

Here is some more information to get you to the event:

303 Second Street
Suite 450 North
San Francisco, CA 94107
415-348-2345 Tim Cloonan Direct (our JasperSoft Sponsor)
- Enter the North tower using the Second Street entrance (Maya is in the South Tower)
- Entry prior to 6:30 PM will not require sign-in, visitors will need to sign-out after the meeting
- Use the elevators to access the 4th floor
- The JasperSoft office is Suite 450 in the North Tower
- The JasperSoft office door will be open, if it is not, use the lobby phone on the 4th floor to call Tim at extension 2345