Heikki Tuuri To Join In Database Wrestling Match

I wrote a few days ago about the keynote I’m hoping will lead to some wonderful on-stage fireworks — the Clash of the Database Egos. The keynote has had a late addition: the creator of InnoDB, Heikki Tuuri. I’m certain a number of you out there had wondered how we could have a clas of the database egos without Heikki participating. I assure you, there wasn’t any ill intent for not having Heikki originally listed on the clash speaker list. More of a time pressure thing from my end, nothing more.

Our most excellent facilitator, Kaj Arnö, is now tasked with refereeing this steel-cage matchup of egos and wits. I suggest that Kaj starts off the keynote with the famous “Let’s get ready to rumbbllllllllle!” phrase used in Las Vegas boxing fights. Or even have all the egos enter a “ring” dressed in suitable boxing attire. Hmmm. Maybe I’m going overboard. 🙂