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Got .NET? Got MySQL? Be a Contributor

Reggie Burnett is one of the those engineers at MySQL who deserves greater recognition. At a company dominated by LAMP-stackers, Reggie stands up and shouts for what some inside MySQL would view as a minority: developers using Windows to develop MySQL applications.

The funny thing about this is that Windows developers aren’t really a minority at all are they? Both MySQL and Sun have statistics which show that more than fifty percent of developers use the Windows as their primary development platform. Whether or not the applications they develop get deployed on a Windows server, developers are actively utilizing a Windows development environment, typically using the Visual Studio IDE.

So, one thing that bothers Reggie, and me, is the lack of quality resources that we have to help support the MySQL on Windows developers. Hopefully, together we can change all that.

Woefully, the MySQL Developer Zone does not have a section to provide help for .NET and Windows developers. That is changing as we speak; our web team is adding a section to the zone for this. But what we need is help in writing articles which focus on Windows and .NET development with MySQL. And that is where you come in, dear community.

I’m asking for any developer who has experience working with MySQL on Windows, and especially developers working with Connector/.NET and Connector/ODBC, to give your fellow developers a helping hand by sharing that experience with them. The community team wants to work with you to get articles and links to helpful content published on the MySQL Developer Zone’s .NET/Windows section.

So…if you can answer Yes! to any of the below questions, please contact me at SELECT REVERSE(‘moc.lqsym@yaj’); with your contact information please!

  • Do you use MySQL and .NET in your applications? Can you share your experience in writing those applications?
  • Do you have a tip or technique for using MySQL on Windows or with .NET that you feel others would benefit from?
  • Do you have a success story of an application written in .NET or Mono that uses MySQL that you’d like to share?
  • Have you integrated MySQL with a SQL Server application or have you migrated to MySQL from SQL Server and want to share your story?
  • Are you an expert at using Visual Studio to develop MySQL applications?

Besides the obvious worldwide recognition and a feel-good emotion you get from getting an article published on a top 500 website, I’ll send you a MySQL Community Contributor polo shirt and blog about your contribution! Email me today to get this initiative started! 🙂