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MySQL | 2008-03-08

For Those Who Say I Never Take Photos…

I often get accused, especially by my European friends, of not being a true geek for two reasons: I don’t carry an expensive camera with me at all times — […]

MySQL | 2008-02-27

A New MySQL Forge is Born

As anyone close to me can attest, my life over the past six months or so has revolved consistently around planning for the 2008 MySQL Conference and Expo. However, in […]

MySQL | 2008-02-21

It’s About the Product, Silly

Today there was a recent flurry of blog posts, starting with Charles Babcock’s interview of Jonathan Schwartz about Sun’s strategy of targeting Web 2.0 developers. This brought to light an […]

MySQL | 2007-10-12

Slides from ZendCon Performance Coding Session

I presented at ZendCon this week on performance MySQL coding techniques. The session was packed, and I got a bunch of great questions from the audience. I figured I would […]