MySQL | 2006-04-20

Final MySQL Users Conference BoF Schedule

OK, there are an absolute ton (24 if I’m not mistaken) Birds of a Feather sessions going on at the UC this coming week. For those of you who like […]

MySQL | 2006-04-10

HUGE MySQL Users Conference BoF Lineup

In the next few days, we’ll be finalizing the schedule for the MySQL Birds of a Feather sessions at the upcoming MySQL Users Conference. I’ve been working hard with Edwin […]

MySQL | 2006-04-10

Boston MySQL Meetup Tonight

Join me tonight at the Boston MySQL Meetup if your in the area! I’ll be giving a presentation entitled “Index and Coding Techniques for Optimal Performance”, which is a slightly […]

MySQL | 2006-04-05

Bringing Home a Golden Penguin

So I’m in Boston at LinuxWorld this week (though not today) and have met a number of interesting people so far. Of particular note, I had a great conversation with […]

MySQL | 2006-03-27

LinuxWorld, Boston Meetup, and OSCON

OK, I’m sufficiently recovered from a fabulous few days at EclipseCon 2006, where I got to meet a great bunch of enthusiastic, talented developers who, I am sure, will push […]

MySQL | 2006-03-23

Greg Stein Talk at EclipseCon

Greg Stein, chair of the Apache Software Foundation, and an employee at Google, working on open source projects, gave a very informative and compelling talk this morning comparing the various […]

MySQL | 2006-03-22

PHP IDE Eclipse Project

Andi Gutmans, co-founder of Zend Technologies, and others are now presenting the PHP IDE Eclipse plugin, which, announced last October, is one of the best potential tools on the horizon […]

MySQL | 2006-03-22

EclipseCon Rocks. Seriously.

OK, just about to go into a long session comparing the Eclipse project with the Apache project; how it’s management and code submission guidelines differ, and other things. I just […]