Thought Tree | 2005-11-29

House Moving Along — Full Speed Ahead

So, today the “crew” and I completed the tear off and outer plywood decking on the east side of the house. Very good to see things finally coming together! Haven’t […]

MySQL | 2005-11-29

Here’s My System

OK, so I was up in Cleveland visiting friends for the holiday and got into a discussion with a writer friend of mine who is unabashedly disinterested in the blogging […]

DB Rambles | 2005-11-23

Great MySQL Idea from Giuseppe Maxia

Roland Bouman sent me an email yesterday alerting me to an idea presented by Giuseppe Maxia on the MySQL Stored Procedures forum a couple days ago. The idea, in a […]

MySQL | 2005-11-21

December’s Linux Magazine Article

This month’s Linux Magazine development article was written by Mike Kruckenberg and I. It covers aspects of MySQL 5, including stored procedures, views, and triggers. It was actually quite fun […]

| 2005-11-20

Pictures from the House Building

OK, so I know that at least a few people are interested in seeing what’s been going on with supposed house I’ve been building. Over the summer, when I met […]

Thought Tree | 2005-11-17

Holy Crap, I’m Back

So long to be gone. Many reasons for it: I got married (Woohooo!) Yeah, I got hitched to my beautiful wife, Julie and went on my honeymoon, which was a […]

Articles | 2005-06-17

MySQL 5 Stored Procedures and INFORMATION_SCHEMA

A Handy One-Two Punch for Administrators In writing Pro MySQL, I’ve become extremely excited about the new features debuting in MySQL 5—features that have already started to get thoroughly tested […]

Thought Tree | 2005-06-17

Thunderbird Rocks in Global Inbox Mode

You know, sometimes it just pays to read the wiki every once in a while! Recently, I was getting increasingly frustrated with Thunderbird. I have about a dozen email accounts, […]

Thought Tree | 2005-05-09

RFID Traffic Light System

No, we’re not yet directing traffic using RFID technology (wouldn’t that be scary.) But, Walmart, who plans on implementing RFID technology on an enterprise level this year, had some innovative […]

Thought Tree | 2005-05-03

Follow Up on Gates Thing

After I wrote an entry on Sunday about the comments Bill Gates made in February about American high-school students, I got an InformationWeek newsletter, with the headline “Microsoft Is Hiring, […]