C/C++ | 2010-03-08

Happiness is a Warm Cloud

Although a few folks knew about where I and many of the Sun Drizzle team had ended up, we’ve waited until today to “officially” tell folks what’s up. We — […]

Drizzle | 2010-01-06

Describing Drizzle’s Development Process

Yesterday, I was working on a survey that Selena Deckelmann put together for open source databases. She will be presenting the results at Linux.conf.au this month. One of the questions […]

MySQL | 2009-12-15

Great Job, MySQL Engineering!

Just a quick note to congratulate MySQL engineering on their next milestone release, MySQL 5.5. There seem to be some excellent new features, some of which have been hotly requested […]

Drizzle | 2009-11-18

Macro Support in new Drizzle Client Console?

Hi all! I’ve been reading through the requested features for the new client on the wiki here: Proposed Client Features BOOTS Console API Design I think all the stuff on […]

Thought Tree | 2009-11-10

Somebody in Marketing Needs to be Fired

Sitting here chatting with Padraig and listening to the television. A commercial comes on for Aciphex. Yep, the name is pronounced “Ass Effects”. Unbelievable. Somebody’s marketing department should be, well, […]

C/C++ | 2009-11-04

The Great Escape

This week, I am working on putting together test cases which validate the Drizzle transaction log‘s handling of BLOB columns. I ran into an interesting set of problems and am […]

Drizzle | 2009-10-29

A Month of Milestones

I’m finding myself smiling today. I lay in bed last night thinking about a number of milestones that this month marks for me. October 15th marked four months since the […]

Open Source | 2009-10-28

If Ever There Was a Sure-fire Tenant…

My wife and I have a double that we rent out to two couples. Luckily, one of these couples has been in one side of the double for a couple […]