Category: DB Rambles

DB Rambles | 2005-11-23

Great MySQL Idea from Giuseppe Maxia

Roland Bouman sent me an email yesterday alerting me to an idea presented by Giuseppe Maxia on the MySQL Stored Procedures forum a couple days ago. The idea, in a […]

DB Rambles | 2005-03-15

Forrester Report on SQL Server 2005 Scalability

An article on E-Week about a Forrester report on high performance computing sparked some thoughts. The report claims that Microsoft’s planned 2005 release of SQL Server will have few, if […]

DB Rambles | 2005-03-14

MySQL Missing in IDC Study

I found it strange that MySQL was notably missing from an InformationWeek DatabasePipeline article today about growth in market share of both Oracle and Microsoft. At first, I though perhaps […]

DB Rambles | 2005-02-24

Doxygen Docs coming along for MySQL 5.0.2

I’ve been working on outputting the code documentation for MySQL 5.0.2 using doxygen, and have some advice to anyone attempting this feat. Don’t configure doxygen to generate call graphs!. At […]

DB Rambles | 2005-02-23

Pro MySQL book coming soon

First announcement on this site about my upcoming book, entitled Pro MySQL, published through Apress. Really excited so far. I’m co-authoring the book with Michael Kruckenberg, out at Tufts University. […]