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DB Rambles | 2005-03-14

MySQL Missing in IDC Study

I found it strange that MySQL was notably missing from an InformationWeek DatabasePipeline article today about growth in market share of both Oracle and Microsoft. At first, I though perhaps […]

Thought Tree | 2005-03-13

The Gap Between Design and Reality

A recent client meeting got me thinking about the sometimes severe disconnect between designers — meaning those who create visually stimulating artwork, web or otherwise — and the rest of […]

Thought Tree | 2005-03-09

Follow Up on Comment Spam

Found Spam Karma plugin, which looks like it’s using some filtering mechanisms with a centralized database. Very interesting. Will check it out more fully tonight.

Thought Tree | 2005-03-09

Clobbered With Comment and Trackback Spam

Getting real sick of comment and trackback spam; these people are just insidious. I won’t be surprised to see a headline one of these days in the newspaper about some […]

Thought Tree | 2005-02-27

A Letter from my Health Insurance plan

As a business owner, I pay my own health insurance, and had a few thoughts on a recent letter I received from my provider, which happens to be Medical Mutual […]

Thought Tree | 2005-02-23

New blog design completed

Just finished the new site design for If you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know! Oh, and if you experience a weird “slowdown” while moving your mouse […]

DB Rambles | 2005-02-23

Pro MySQL book coming soon

First announcement on this site about my upcoming book, entitled Pro MySQL, published through Apress. Really excited so far. I’m co-authoring the book with Michael Kruckenberg, out at Tufts University. […]

Thought Tree | 2005-02-14

Love Is In the Air — With a Derivative

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, and consumerist America is gobbling up roses and cookie baskets for their loved ones. Good to know that the world of mathematics hasn’t succumbed to the […]

All | 2005-02-03

Funny Bush Joke

Friend sent me this one; thought it was worthy of an entry… 🙂 Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: None. […]

All | 2005-01-04

Welcome Home from London

As if getting stranded in Philadelphia while US Airways sorted out about 1800 passengers from California wasn’t bad enough, I had three voicemails on my phone when I returned from […]